EB-Talents: Your Gateway to Anonymous Dream Jobs

EB-Talents aims to connect highly skilled professionals with their dream jobs without revealing your identity prematurely. We provide an innovative platform where you can search for your desired positions anonymously and only express your interest when you are confident.

What does it offer?

Our talent pool is based on a unique technology that analyzes all available job titles and automatically suggests alternative titles. You select your skills from an extensive competency database and choose the three most important ones. Additionally, you can define the desired career level, location, and other factors.

Key Features

Preserve Anonymity

You remain anonymous until you decide to show your interest in a job. This allows you to search for suitable positions without pressure and with complete discretion.

Employer Offers First:

Employers submit their offers or inquiries first. You can be sure that your interest is based on genuine interest from companies.

Avoid Awkward Situations:

Current and former employers are automatically added to a blacklist to prevent uncomfortable situations.

Register as a Talent
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