With Empfehlungsbund For Excellence In Recruitment

Get access to Germany's largest specialist recommendation network.

Raise your perception as an attractive employer regionally and throughout Germany.

Underpin your HR marketing with validated HR analyzes and benchmarks.

Personnel Marketing
Access to Germany's largest recommendation network for professionals

Get Prequalified Applicants

Participation in the Talentpool recommendation network and receiving recommended second and third candidates from other recommending companies.

Job Management In No Time

Automated ad delivery for candidate activation and response optimization. Constant updating of all job advertisements on all channels.

Maximize Reach

Publication in the industry-specific specialist portals of the Empfehlungsbund and on over 120 other job exchanges. Full flexibility in distributing your job advertisements.

Optimize Applicant Approach

A/B testing of your job advertisements. Simple ad variants for candidate activation. Full segmentation control to avoid scattering effects even with tricky job profiles and hybrid positions.

Employer Branding
Increase your perception as an attractive employer

Recommend Applicants

Recommend canceled candidates. Increase employer image through appreciative and orientation-giving treatment of your rejected applicants.

Optimize Employer Image

Fully integrable candidate experience feedback system. Benchmark the applicant experience with other employers along the contact points of the application process.

Ensure Corporate Identity

Fully customizable job widget for optimal presentation of your job offer on your career page. The widget configuration adapts seamlessly to your corporate design.

Benchmark Salaries

Participation in the annual salary benchmark included. Compare salaries with Empfehlungsbund-Network employers. Get a detailed evaluation of fair salaries in the region.

Analyze Target Groups
Professional KPI for your recruiting success

Professional Applicant Controlling

Systematic recording of how your applicants found you, which media they used and which service provider brands played a role in their job search.

Data-driven Ad Optimization

Technical quality tests and search engine optimization based on our extensive database of high-performing job advertisements. Content advice included.

Optimized Candidate Experience

Systematic recording of the application experience along the contact points. Benchmark with employers from your industry in terms of application process duration, as well as contacts and information.

Scientifically Validated

No juggling with data. All key figures collected are scientifically tested and validated in close cooperation with the University of Economics and Management.

Applicant-Centric Applicant Management System
With AI Automation

Can be used by customers of the Empfehlungsbund at no additional cost!

Easiest integration with the award-winning Empfehlungsbund applicant management system

Complete recruiting process digitized and automated: From job advertisement management to CV parsing, selection tests, video interviews, appointment management, contract signing to induction

Specially developed and used for IT and consulting companies, hospitals and care facilities, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering industries, as well as all service and production companies

All systems for electronic personnel files can be connected via an XML interface

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Thanks to the core principle of recommending skilled workers in employer networks, the Empfehlungsbund offers you a universal recruiting strategy. We do not see ourselves as a pure HR technology provider, but as a real specialist and competent consultant in the field of personnel recruitment. Do not only increase your recruiting numbers, also stand out as an attractive employer and benchmark your recruiting measures with other employers.

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